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Old Marketing Messages Could Be Stopping Customers From Finding Your Business

If your website still has examples and words about what you used to do for your customers before the coronavirus pandemic, you’re doing yourself some serious harm in attracting new clients who will help you stem the tide and come out of this recession stronger and more ready for the future.

“We don’t know when what we were used to will be back,” said business consultant Tom Stimson in his Intentional Success webinar “How to Make a Clean Start with Express Marketing.” “That’s getting in the way of your marketing message.”

Companies need to be asking themselves how they’re going to be relevant to their clients and their new needs in the future and stop trying to tell those customers how they’ve been relevant in the past that might never return, he said.

“Your old message is getting in the way of new customers,” said Stimson. “Maybe you can afford

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Start Stopping Faster

Matthias Clamer/Getty Images

Business executives could learn a lot from cheetahs, Earth’s most agile land animals. Though their ancestors ran only about 20 miles per hour, today’s cats can accelerate from zero to 60 within three seconds — faster than a Corvette Twin Turbo or a Ferrari Enzo. But speed alone is not what makes cheetahs such awesome hunters. Computer models show that the best predictor of a successful hunt is not a cheetah’s top speed; rather, it’s how fast it stops and turns.

There is an important parallel to the executive hunt for innovations. Whether they are developing new products, processes, or overhauling old ways of doing business, it’s not enough that organizations pursue new ideas faster. Unless they develop new muscles for skillfully decelerating and adapting to unexpected twists and turns, they are likely to come up empty-handed. It’s one of the most common laments of executives struggling

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