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Trump administration moves to limit student visa stays over fraud, national security concerns

The Trump administration has announced a rule limiting the open-ended stay for international students from countries, amid concerns about overstays, fraud and potential risks to national security.

The new rule, proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, would allow those coming into the U.S. onto an F or J nonimmigrant visa to be limited to a stay of four years. Currently students are allowed to remain in the country as long as they can show that their period of study is ongoing.


The rule submission says that, currently, “admitting a nonimmigrant for duration of status creates a challenge to the Department’s ability to efficiently monitor and oversee these nonimmigrants, because they may remain in the United States for indefinite periods of time without being required to have immigration officers periodically assess whether they are complying with

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Pensacola mask ordinance stays; council rejects mayor’s idea to repeal

Jim Little, Pensacola News Journal
Published 7:13 p.m. CT Sept. 24, 2020


Wearing a mask in public indoor spaces is still required in the city of Pensacola after the City Council on Thursday unanimously rejected Mayor Grover Robinson’s proposal to end the mask mandate.

Robinson put forward a proposal to repeal an emergency ordinance that mandated wearing a mask in public indoor spaces in the city. 

The mayor argued that with the daily hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients below 50, it was time to repeal the ordinance.

He said he would bring the mandate back if the number of cases increased again and said it was akin to a hurricane warning.

“At this time, it’s like giving a mandate on a sunny day,” Robinson said.

He said he was worried that if cases increase again, the city would have no tools left to encourage the public to practice social distancing

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Ulta Beauty CEO sees better-than-expected recovery, but stays cautious

Ulta Beauty CEO Mary Dillon in an appearance CNBC Wednesday said she is “pleased” about the cosmetics retailer’s ongoing recovery from the economic lockdown, but the projections are still cloudly due to uncertainty.

Since the brand began reopening stores in July, demand for its products has returned, she told CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

“It took some time for stores to ramp up, but now, you know, the last month or so we’ve only been down mid-single digits,” she said in a “Mad Money” interview, adding that it’s “a lot better than we thought it would be at this point, although we’re cautious about what the second half of the year looks like.”

The pandemic created a slate of challenges for cosmetics companies as brick-and-mortar stores were shut earlier this year to stave off the spread of the novel coronavirus. The store closures depleted sales as people sheltered in place.

Ulta locations

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