Army standardizes business processes, strengthens modernization foundation | Article

Whether renovating a 100 year old house or working to modernize a 245 year old organization, sometimes it takes digging down to a solid foundation to build bigger, better and stronger.Such a foundation was laid for the first time as the U.S. Army Financial Management Command just completed a three-year mission of documenting and standardizing all of the Army’s business processes impacting financial statements, and the results have already paid dividends.“We started standardization because Congress mandated the Department of Defense go through a full financial statement audit, and we quickly realized the only way to achieve a clean audit opinion was to get a baseline,” said Chris Reynolds, USAFMCOM Business Process Management director. “And, the only way to get a baseline was to standardize our processes and practices across the entire Army enterprise.”“I think this is an initiative the whole department needs to undertake, and I’d imagine with some of

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