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Got stamps? Pandemic is fueling a boom in greeting card sales and some are pretty cheeky

Early this year, Lynda Junge watched her Downers Grove, Ill., wedding invitation business grind to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic caused couples to postpone their nuptials.

On a whim, she designed a handful of Mother’s Day cards for her business, Greenstar Paperie, riffing on social-distancing and other related themes. She posted the cards to the online marketplace Etsy and started hearing cash register-like notifications on her smartphone.

“They went off like crazy,” she said.

Among her bestsellers are cards that say, “Hi friend, this is your snail mail sanity check. You good?” and “Waving from a safe distance. It’s just not the same over Zoom.”

Junge, 41, is expecting an even bigger boom heading into the holiday season as people socially distanced from friends and family look to connect during the emotional roller coaster that is 2020.

A July study by the online photo company Shutterfly found the number

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Put three First Class stamps on your absentee ballot

The U.S. Postal Service will deliver completed absentee ballots to vote counters in Alabama even if they are mailed with insufficient postage, a postal spokeswoman said. But the safest plan is to put three First Class stamps on the ballot before you drop it in the mail box.

“If a return ballot is … entered into the mainstream with insufficient or unpaid postage, it is the Postal Service’s policy not to delay the delivery of completed balloting materials,” said Debra J. Fetterly, spokesperson for the Alabama District of the United States Postal Service. “In cases where a ballot enters the mainstream without the proper amount of postage, the Postal Service will attempt to collect postage from the appropriate Board of Elections.”

The Postal Service is “fully committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on-time,” Fetterly said, “and doing so is our number one priority between now and Election

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