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Fiscal drag, viral carousel, and another stalled week in U.S. recovery

By Howard Schneider

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. hiring last week remained sluggish, retail foot traffic dipped, and a surge in coronavirus cases across the Upper Midwest even dented what had been a carefree rush back to restaurants.

The outbreaks in states like South Dakota, Montana and Wisconsin are the latest in the country’s carousel battle with the pandemic as hotspots rotate from one region to another, preventing any broad recovery of confidence or the economy.

Since an early summer jump in U.S. economic activity, data across a broad set of high-frequency indicators has shown little evidence of the sort of steady improvement needed for the country to dig out from a deep recessionary hole, with more than 25 million people still filing for some form of unemployment insurance.

Employment over the week fell slightly at a set of small businesses whose worker time is managed by Homebase https://joinhomebase.com/data, new job

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If revenue growth for your business has stalled, this could be why

  • Creating a consistent revenue stream for your small business can be challenging for new entrepreneurs. 
  • One of the main reasons entrepreneurs struggle to make money is because they don’t have a specific, long-term plan for generating paying customers.
  • A lead generation plan should be straightforward and consistent, and include strategies like targeted content creation and engaging with followers online.
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Spend any amount of time in entrepreneurial social media groups, and you’ll get a glimpse into the things that are happening in entrepreneurship.

You’ll see entrepreneurs posting screenshots of five- and six-figure months. You’ll see leaders talking about experiencing their highest-revenue months. You’ll see experts left and right offering advice. You’ll even see a few entrepreneurs posting about their struggles. 

While looking successful on social media can feel good for a while, it’s not the path to building a business that creates financial security

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