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Training For Recreational Golfers | STACK

Generally speaking, golfers tend to be the most undertrained when it comes to strength and conditioning for their sport. Even if they are doing some form of physical training for their sport, it is usually flexibility and mobility work. I come across the entire gamut of thera-bands, foam rollers paraphernalia exercises whenever I take on a new client who is an avid golfer. The usual timeline goes like this, the golfer has some injury, might be related to golf, or may not be connected to it. He goes to a physio, who rehabs the injury. The golfer then asks the physio for help on improving his golf. The physio proceeds to prescribe stretching and mobility exercises, along with stretch band exercises for strength.

But awareness is slowly creeping in that golfers need to be strong if they want to play for a long time without injuries. Being flexible/mobile is not

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Fuel Cell Stack Market: How will the Disruptions Created by Covid19 Affect the market ? Fortune Business Insights

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Sep 10, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
According to the report, the fuel cell stack possesses flexible power output, allows easy addition and removal of fuel cells, and has modular designs among other features. The “fuel cell stack”provides a wide range of power ratings, operating temperature ranges, and have applications in the portable power supply. the liquid-cooled fuel cell stack is expected to hold the lion’s share during the forecast period owing to its power rating as compared to the air-cooled fuel cell stack. The liquid-cooled segment has applications in hybrid batteries, primary power for grid backup, and power unit among others. Whereas, the air-cooled fuel cell stack has lower power ratings and is used in applications such as battery range extenders and portable power.

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The increasing

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