Ronda Rousey Spotted Training with Roddy Piper’s Daughter

Ronda Rousey has not been seen on WWE television since 2019, but maybe she’s inching closer to a return as she has been recently spotted training with Roddy Piper’s daughter, Ariel Teal Toombs. Toombs made her pro wrestling debut during AEW’s All Out pay-per-view last year, and revealed to fans on Instagram that she is slowly getting back to training while spending six months out following an ACL/meniscus reconstruction. But what fans truly grabbed onto during her update with fans on Instagram is the fact that Ronda Rousey is seen training alongside with her.

Rousey has not been seen in action since Wrestlemania 35 in 2019, and this is not a confirmation that she will be returning anytime soon but it certainly has the WWE universe curious over what her plans could be. This could be Rousey just getting in some light training with a friend, or could even be

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