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Spotify Introduce Promo Cards To Help Share Music And Podcasts

Spotify has introduced its new promo cards tool to help artists and creators better share their material. As reported by Engadget, this now gives creators the ability to better advertise their work on social media.

Spotify has been hard at work to improve their platform over recent weeks and months with a host of new features. This is perhaps to try and counteract the work done by YouTube Music to improve their offering.

Back in September, Spotify made it much easier for users to control the quality of streaming. Spotify achieved this by giving different quality options for both WiFi and cellular streaming.

The company also added the ability to search for songs by lyrics at the start of October. The was always available on the web client but now has been added to the app.

This new promo cards feature looks to be a way for Spotify to better

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Spotify Promo Cards is a new way for creators to boost their content

Spotify has introduced a new tool that enables creators to boost their content. Called Promo Cards, the new feature generates customized assets for a creator’s content, including podcasts, albums, and even individual songs. The Promo Cards shouldn’t be mistaken with something like real-life business cards — rather, says Spotify, these new custom assets are designed to be shared on social media platforms.

Spotify points out that promoting one’s content on social media takes up more of the artist’s time, particularly if they’re a small content creator responsible for boosting their own brand. The Promo Cards are intended to make it easier to market one’s own materials even if you don’t possess graphic design skills.

Spotify for Artists enables creators to customize the graphics on their promo cards — in fact, the online tool doesn’t even require users to log in, meaning that listeners could also generate Promo Cards for their

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Spotify promo cards are a more visual way to share music and podcasts

The next time you see your favorite artist or podcaster share their latest recording on social media, you may see them use a new tool from Spotify to do so. The company is introducing new promo cards for both musicians and podcasters that give creators an easy and attractive way to advertise their latest release on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

Creating the cards involves navigating to either the Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters websites and following the on-screen instructions. The promo cards can lead to a profile page or a specific track, album or podcast episode. Additionally, those who get their content featured in one or more of Spotify’s top 33 music or podcast playlists can make specific cards to point people to those. The card you see below is in landscape format, but the interface Spotify built makes it easy to make vertical and square cards

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Spotify gets serious about its charts, launching weekly Top 50 lists for Albums and Songs

For some time, Spotify’s daily charts have been an essential measure of music industry success.

Now, the company is giving its rankings a music business-friendly refresh, with the the launch of new Weekly Top 50 charts.

These new lists include a US Weekly Album Chart, a Global Weekly Album Chart, plus a US Weekly Song Chart and a Global Weekly Song Chart.

Technically, Spotify already offers weekly track charts for the global and US – amongst other territories – via SpotifyCharts.com, but this is the first time they’ve been packaged up as an ‘official’ Spotify Top 50.

Spotify hasn’t, however, traditionally published any form of weekly album charts.

Spotify’s new Top 50 weekly charts will reflect the standard industry release period (Friday release day through to the following Thursday), and will be published online each Monday.

In addition, Spotify is launching two new ‘Top 10 Debuts’ charts – one for

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