Local printing business produces shirts and splits sales with others

AYER – Imagine stopping by a restaurant or a fitness center or another local business that was particularly impressive, so much so that a customer wanted to do more to show support. Sometimes there’s a merchandise section of a store to buy a mug or a lanyard or even a T-shirt to pick up. Other times a business might not have merchandise to help spread the word about its work.

Fortunately, J&S Business Products, Inc., has a way to help.

Located on 17 Main St., the screen-printing business has been selling T-shirts with the logos of local businesses on them throughout the pandemic. Not only does the company provide advertising on stitched cotton, but it has also been donating half of the sales back to the businesses the shirts advertise.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which has significantly damaged the economy, J&S has donated over $8,000 to local

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