Instagram CEO Speaks Out Against Apple

 Instagram’s CEO has added his voice in criticizing Apple Inc.’s business practices.

Adam Mosseri told CNBC on Friday (Sept. 11) that Apple’s plan to change its iPhone operating system will hurt businesses with its ad tracking limits.

On “Squawk Box,” Mosseri said he will make the case against the update, which would impact how the Facebook-owned app and other mobile advertisers track users. 

“We believe that there’s a way to be really responsible and give people control over their data and transparency into their data, but without cutting off our understanding and therefore operating blind,” he told the network.

Mosseri insisted that Instagram requires data in order to serve up relevant ads to users and to provide a benefit to its advertisers, which are mostly comprised of SMBs.

“If the ecosystem changes in a way that advertisers can’t really measure their return on

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