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Entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso Dishes On New Venture, Business Class

Sophia Amoruso Photo Credit: Drew Escriva

Sophia Amoruso — has two major businesses under her belt in Nasty Gal and Girlboss — and she’s about to do it again. The serial entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author is wheels up on her next adventure, Business Class, an in-depth digital entrepreneurship course that delves into the A to Z of how to start a business… and how to make it successful. In the span of eight weeks, Sophia will cover all aspects of business, including the best staff development practices, diversity and inclusion training, how to cultivate brand identity, understanding the role of legal, financial handling, how to earn customer loyalty and much more.

It makes sense that she would play professor — not only does she have the experience, but she wants to see fellow females, in particular succeed. After all, that was the intention behind starting GirlBoss, a community for

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Sophia Amoruso’s post-Girlboss venture: a $2,000 class

In June, Sophia Amoruso stepped down as CEO of Girlboss, the media company she founded after her book (by the same name) sold half a million copies. It was an unexpected move both for the company, which had just been acquired by media investment firm Attention Capital, and for the Girlboss herself.

“We had big plans,” Amoruso told me. “It’s not like I got on Craigslist and sold something. It was: I’m finding a long-term partner to build this with me.” Girlboss had locked in a $10 million brand partnership deal that Amoruso claims would have put the company well over its financial goals for the year. Then the pandemic hit.

Sophia Amoruso [Photo: courtesy of Business Class]

“Our ability to do events vanished overnight,” she says. “Our revenue went to zero. We tried to pivot; we continued pitching brands [but] brands really pulled their dollars for a while. We

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