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11 Amazon Prime perks you’ll wish you knew sooner

Due in large part to the pandemic, more Americans than ever are “priming it.” That is, jumping on Amazon and using their Prime membership to get free two-day shipping on purchases.

Annual Prime membership costs $119. You can pay $12.99 monthly, but this will cost you $37 more per year. I’m not too fond of auto-renewals. Under your Prime Account settings, there is an option to get an email reminder three days before your membership renews.

Many people don’t know that you can get a free account if you shop Amazon for your business. It doesn’t come with perks like free videos. However, you will have access to multiple payment options, business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Learn more about how to register for your free Amazon Business account at this link.

There are other ways to save on your Prime membership. Two adult households do not need two Prime memberships.

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Council Post: Say Goodbye To 2020 Sooner Rather Than Later: Holiday Planning Starts Now

Founder & CEO of KNACKSHOPS.COM, building lasting relationships through exceptional business gifts.

We are so over you, 2020. 

That’s what companies large and small seem to be saying as they start planning the holiday season earlier than ever before.

It makes sense. Businesses have been starved of the interpersonal connectedness —  in-person meetings, trade shows, business lunches and dinners — that normally fuels them. And we’re looking ahead at a Q4 without the community-building holiday parties, client open houses and informal “Secret Santa” exchanges that connect us as humans, not just business partners.

These colossal interruptions to “business as usual” in 2020 translate into a holiday season that is especially meaningful as a way to show staff and clients alike that we appreciate all the flexibility and sacrifices 2020 has required. Despite the physical separation, we’re still here for them; we’re together, although physically apart.

In my

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