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Spotify gets serious about its charts, launching weekly Top 50 lists for Albums and Songs

For some time, Spotify’s daily charts have been an essential measure of music industry success.

Now, the company is giving its rankings a music business-friendly refresh, with the the launch of new Weekly Top 50 charts.

These new lists include a US Weekly Album Chart, a Global Weekly Album Chart, plus a US Weekly Song Chart and a Global Weekly Song Chart.

Technically, Spotify already offers weekly track charts for the global and US – amongst other territories – via SpotifyCharts.com, but this is the first time they’ve been packaged up as an ‘official’ Spotify Top 50.

Spotify hasn’t, however, traditionally published any form of weekly album charts.

Spotify’s new Top 50 weekly charts will reflect the standard industry release period (Friday release day through to the following Thursday), and will be published online each Monday.

In addition, Spotify is launching two new ‘Top 10 Debuts’ charts – one for

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Online business creates songs made to order

NATIONAL (CBS) When Kate moved to Music City to pursue her dream, she didn’t expect to be creating custom songs at home. “It’s definitely different from what first grade me what thinking when I picked up a guitar and was like ‘I’m going to be Hanna Montana,’ but it’s still pretty fun,” said Kate.

She’s about to graduate from Belmont University as a songwriter and it’s a tough time for people in the music industry since COVID-19 has disrupted their livelihood. That’s why some artists are making personalized songs to pay the bills.

“Well Songlourious has been my saving grace, I haven’t had to do Uber or any other app like that, I get to do one which is my favorite thing which is songwriting,” said Kate.


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