At A Pivotal Moment For Black Americans, Black-Owned Businesses Find Support And Solidarity

Emeka Anyanwu couldn’t believe her eyes. 

It was June, and Anyanwu, the founder of Aˈme-kə, an online retail space for inclusive makeup, beauty, and grooming brands founded by Black entrepreneurs, was checking over the growth of her business during the previous 90 days.

 She was astonished. Within three months, there had been an 800 percent increase in total orders, a 783 percent increase in units sold, and an 830 percent increase in total revenue. 

Anyanwu, who opened the online retailer in early 2019, attributes the sudden surge in sales to the ensuing protests and campaigns raising awareness and support for Black businesses, after George Floyd’s death in late May. Her business shows no signs of slowing down – through September, Anyanwu has seen a continual increase in sales and growth. 

“It’s certainly unfortunate that it

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