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Mastercard Adds Another Digital Tool For SMBs

As the digital revolution continues to transform the way shoppers pay for things amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Mastercard announced a free online tool to help entrepreneurs future-proof their companies.

The Small Business Digital Readiness Diagnostic tool is intended to expand the New York-based global financial services company’s Digital Doors curriculum, which promises to ensure businesses have the right devices to maximize their digital presence.

“In the midst of a massive shift to digital spending, businesses everywhere and of every size are trying to appeal to a changed and changing consumer,” said Dimi Dosis, Mastercard’s president of advisors, in a statement. “With the Mastercard Small Business Digital Readiness Diagnostic, our mission is to help as many small businesses as possible better understand and expand their digital capabilities so they are positioned to seize the online opportunity and future-proof their business.”

A Mastercard survey revealed

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Visa (V) Continues to Aid SMBs, Unveils Promotional Programs

Visa Inc. V is introducing a set of programs and abundant resources in order to help recover small and micro business (SMB).

In the world of business, SMBs represent one of the worst-hit categories by the COVID-19 breakout. These small-scale units are looking for options to offset the business losses and 60% of those is already taking necessary steps into that direction.

With no certainty of the COVID -19 medication or vaccination anytime soon, there seems no time line for the pandemic to get cured. Despite the continued uncertainty on this front, 68% of the global SMBs is looking forward to the winter holiday season as an opportunity to recoup some of the business losses. Visa is handholding around 50 million SMBs by digitally enabling them to service their customers as a large chunk of shopping shifted to online.

The trend of digital payments is here to stay even after

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Visa On Giving SMBs Digital Boost For Holidays

In a normal year, the holiday season is an incredibly busy time.

In between the mad rush to close out the business year, retailers and restaurants prep for what they hope is the most wonderful time of their year for making sales. Restaurants, in particular, look to cash in on the holiday rush as businesses book holiday parties and friends and families gather in their establishments to celebrate over good food and drink.

But 2020 isn’t a normal year, Visa’s Global Head of Business Solutions Kevin Phalen told Karen Webster on the eve of National Small Business Week, and restaurateurs, like every other Main Street business everywhere now brace for a holiday season without precedent.

This year is, however, a year that exemplifies what makes small- to medium-sized business (SMBs) such a powerful backbone of the world’s economy. It’s something that Phalen said

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Facebook Business Suite Opens Its Doors to SMBs First

Facebook is giving small and midsized businesses in early present in honor of National Small Business Week Sept. 21 through 25 with its release Thursday of Facebook Business Suite, a cross-application interface that enables SMBs to manage their pages and profiles across the Facebook family of apps.

Rich Rao, the social network’s vice president, small business group, pointed out an interview that Facebook typically rolls out new feature to larger businesses and eventually extends them to SMBs, but it decided to make Facebook Business Suite available to smaller businesses first due to the needs it is seeing as a result of Covid-19.

Facebook Business Suite will enable SMBs to:

  • Post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time and manage posts from a single destination in order to better stay connected with their communities on each platform.
  • Get all messages, notifications and alerts from Facebook and Instagram in one place,
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Using Your Website to Showcase Your SMB’s Personality

Businesses of all sizes have been forced to change their business model and adapt to selling online to survive. Almost overnight having an e-commerce strategy went from being something that many small business owners considered “nice to have” to being essential to staying afloat. In fact, according to the new State of Small Business Report from Facebook, more than one-third (36%) of all small businesses reported conducting all of their sales online during the height of quarantine-related shutdowns.

This rapid shift to e-commerce has come with challenges and a steep learning curve. From figuring out a point of sale system, managing inventory, packing and shipping logistics, and cybersecurity, the hurdles that businesses have had to surmount as they ramp up their e-commerce operations is long and complex.

One challenge that hasn’t been widely discussed as more businesses make this transition from brick and mortar selling to digitally, however, is the

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SMBs make perfect pitch for business growth

As part of the Business as Usual When Nothing Is Usual program Dell Technologies gave two small Australian businesses the opportunity to pitch their offering to viewers by delivering their Elevator Pitch.

The first company to deliver its pitch presented a novel solution to both reducing Australia’s recycling crisis while also helping to entertain young children as they play.

Happy Planet Toys is the first company in Australia to manufacture toys from 100 per cent recycled milk bottles.

According to founder and owner Miranda Davidson, the idea occurred to her when she realised that as a mother of three, she did not want her children’s toys contributing to environmental waste.

Miranda Davidson, Founder, Happy Planet Toys

“Our toys are eco-friendly, Australian, most importantly, kids love to play with them,” she said. “And because they are made from recycled milk bottles, we are showing kids how they can reduce plastic waste, and their recycling can become something

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