How Your Business Can Bounce Back From the Summer Slowdown

If you’ve found that your company’s sales and other activity seem to succumb to the lull of summer, you’re not alone! Many business owners find that the hottest months of the year are also the quietest. As long as you can plan for the slowdown, it doesn’t have to hurt your business, but once fall rolls around, it’s time to get things moving at full speed again! Try these five tips to get your business in motion.

summer slowdown business

Use Time Management To Incentivize Productivity

You’re not the only one who’s feeling the summer slowdown—your employees are, too. Most small business owners lose at least a little sleep over employee productivity, but you’ll encourage them to work harder with less oversight if you take a positive tone. Rewarding the most productive employees or teams is a great way to communicate to workers that their efforts are valuable and will be rewarded. Use

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