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MacDermidConnect Streamlines and Expedites Screen Printers’ Customer Experience With the Launch MacDermidConnect.com a New Online Commerce Site

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MacDermidConnect is pleased to announce the launch of MacDermidConnect.com an online commerce site designed to make it even easier for customers to purchase Alkemi™ by MacDermid Graphics Solutions screen printing products.

MacDermidConnect.com is the latest application deployment of directibility™, a technology platform developed by Xenon arc. The site leverages Xenon arc’s intimate knowledge of small-to-mid-sized business requirements supplemented by voice of the customer research, deep data analytics, and fundamental understanding of the customer journey to deliver value at each stage of the process.

Fully supported by a dedicated team of screen printing experts at MacDermidConnect, MacDermidConnect.com enhances the experience customers have with the Alkemi™ line of screen printing solutions. The new site provides new and existing Alkemi™ screen printing customers with the ability to shop for screen printing materials, receive live technical support, view order status and order history, track orders, view pricing and availability and

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ABC Financial Acquires Trainerize, Accelerating a Mobile-First Total Fitness Experience for Workouts, Personal Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. & VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ABC Financial (ABC), the leading provider of technology and related services for the fitness industry, announced today it has acquired Trainerize, a Vancouver-based mobile fitness solution for personal training and member engagement.

“Trainerize powered by ABC” connects clubs, trainers and members to help people achieve their fitness goals with instructional and workout content, on-demand and broadcast classes, virtual-personal training, personalized training programs and nutrition planning, as well as habit and lifestyle coaching. Other features boost accountability and social motivation through in-app text and video messaging, fitness challenges, community groups and milestone badges.

As a software solution, “Trainerize powered by ABC” means health club members and personal training clients are more engaged and inspired with personalized fitness programs they can access anytime, from anywhere. And it includes a market-leading watch application to make fitness fit easily into people’s daily routine.


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Salsify nabs $155M as its commerce experience platform sees a big surge of business from Covid-19

As traditional brands grapple with a new world where selling online is as much or perhaps even more important than how you are positioned in a physical store, a startup that helps them get all their inventory, marketing and selling strategies all on one page has raised a significant round of funding.

Salsify, which provides brands and the companies behind them a single place to track product inventories, manage how they are described and sold across a disparate array of online and offline locations, and then run analytics on the data to figure out what next steps to take, has closed $155 million in a Series E round of financing led by Warburg Pincus, with other unnamed investors participating.

Jason Purcell, the CEO and co-founder who co-founded the company with Jeremy Redburn (chief data officer) and Rob Gonzalez (CMO), said the company would not be disclosing its valuation but only

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Actor’s Express Launches Virtual Downstage: A Theatrical Online Experience

Programming includes a new play reading, a weekly monologue series, and a one-woman show. 

Actor’s Express launches Virtual Downstage: A Theatrical Online Experience. Fall 2020 will include a slate of online programming including a new play reading, a weekly monologue series, and a one-woman show.

Artistic Director Freddie Ashley said, “As theatre companies across Atlanta and the nation continue to assess when we can return to live, in-person programming, we wanted to think about different kinds of work that can resonate with our audiences online. We have curated a slate of work that speaks to our current moment in thoughtful and varying ways.”

Virtual Downstage: An Online Theatrical Experience is a new online initiative by Actor’s Express to provide premiere theatrical entertainment to patrons at-home. Virtual Downstage is supported by Fulton County Arts & Culture COVID-19 Small Business Relief – Virtual Arts Initiative. Actor’s Express will produce digital content between

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Old World Shaving Parlor Offers Exceptional Experience

image for Image credit: Adam Uzialko

Image credit: Adam Uzialko

  • Starting a business built around a theme or unique customer experience can generate repeat business.
  • Cultivating the right atmosphere involves decor, furniture, ambience and customer service.
  • Your products and services should serve to further the atmosphere or theme around your customer experience.
  • Old World Shaving Parlor is known for providing top-quality haircuts in a traditional setting, incorporating age-old barbershop techniques and services.

There are many barbershops in Red Bank, New Jersey, but only one where you can get the experience of a classic shaving parlor. Entering the Old World Shaving Parlor in downtown Red Bank is like stepping into a time machine, only to arrive in a barbershop of old. The hum of electric buzzers is accompanied by the musical stylings of the Rat Pack while expert barbers clad in formal wear offer exceptional service with personal attention. Even the decor is

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Gianforte has proven business experience | Letters

Despite not being the candidate, I supported in the primary, Greg Gianforte has my complete support to become our next governor in 2020.

His proven business experience is critical in restarting the Montana economy in the wake of the horrific shutdown imposed by the Bullock/Cooney regime.

Greg’s the only candidate with actual experience in building businesses and creating jobs. His opponent has spent his career on the government dole.

To guide us through the wreckage of the shutdown of the Montana economy, which put 150,000 Montanans out of work, Greg has put forward a detailed plan for Montana’s comeback.

Greg has clearly stated that he will hold state spending at current levels, oppose a sales tax (which his opponent first promoted in 2004), cut income tax rates

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International Experience Inspires Global Business Ideas And Opportunities

Chairman and CEO, Transformation, LLC.

Changing the world for the better is a subject on the minds of many individuals and business organizations at this time. The pandemic has caused many of us to realize that the ways we live our daily lives and how we travel and use the earth’s resources could be matters of life and death; and we see more clearly now that pollution and climate change, the pandemic and even social injustice are arising from procedures in the laboratory that we call Planet Earth.

Travel is a source of inspiration as well as a furnace for burning precious resources. And as an additional dimension, travel has been, throughout human history, a catalyst for cultural change.

Travel As A Catalyst

In human history, the travels of Alexander the Great, Marco Polo and the New World Explorers were all preludes to migrations and cultural chemistry that

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New principal Feamster brings business experience to Essie Mae Kiser Foxx – Salisbury Post

By Carl Blankenship

EAST SPENCER – Latisha Feamster spent seven years in human resources before she made the jump to education.

She began teaching a class at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and found her way into education teaching as a substitute, a classroom teacher as well as adjunct at Rowan-Cabarrus and Catawba College. Then, she found her way to Essie Mae Kiser Foxx Charter School. She has also taught conversational English abroad.

Feamster came on board as an executive assistant when the school began in 2018. But Essie Mae Board Chair Tina Fox-Wallace said the leadership qualities in Feamster were evident from the beginning. Feamster was promoted to director of operations, and took over as principal on Aug. 1, replacing former principal James Fisher, who served in the role for the 2019-2020 school year.

Feamster said the foundation of the school is building relationships with the parents and the students.

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Use Empathy to Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy

Innovate or die.
While reality in the realm of customer experience professionals might not be quite that stark, there’s plenty of hubbub these days about innovation – and recent events across the world that have impacted the ways we do business have upped the ante. The truth is that both the pressure for innovation and the need to survive as a business is at an all-time high.

Photo by jacoblund via iStock

There’s evidence for this in a prior survey by Forrester Research, Inc., of 100 customer experience professionals. While times were different then, nearly 50 percent of those who responded identified differentiation as their executive strategy. And 13 percent of the respondents said they want their companies to provide the best customer experience across all industries. (see Forrester blog, Customer Experience Innovation Done Right).

So, while brands want to use innovation to differentiate from their competition and meet the

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