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Here’s why business owners should separate personal expenses

Starting a new business comes with a litany of decisions to make, both logistical to financial. Some are required before getting started, while others are made along the way. One of the most impactful decisions is whether to separate your business and personal expenses or to let them mingle. 

When Aaron Anderson, an entrepreneur in Philadelphia, first started opening businesses, he didn’t realize the importance of keeping accounts separate. “When I first started out, I didn’t know what I know now, so I just ran everything out of one account,” he said. “It’s very hard to separate finances when you’re first starting out, so I just used that same account to pay personal bills.”

The benefits of keeping your accounts separate

Anderson, however, quickly learned that keeping things separate was the way to go. After years of working in other industries, Anderson began opening franchises of The Original Hot Dog

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$2,933 for ‘Girl’s Night’: Medicaid chief’s consulting expenses revealed

Public health is supposed to be separate from politics. But this pandemic — and this election — have turned that idea on its head. POLITICO’s Dan Diamond and Sarah Owermohle discuss how politics is seeping into the vaccine race on both sides of the aisle.

“Verma and her top aides abused the federal contracting process to Administrator Verma’s benefit and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars,” the Democrats concluded in a 53-page summary of the investigation, which was shared with POLITICO and was released on Thursday.

Verma declined to comment through the health department’s top spokesperson, Michael Caputo, who described the report as “another reckless drive-by election year hit job.”

“The CMS Administrator will continue her unprecedented efforts to transform the American healthcare system to ensure health policy innovation drives public discussion — not purposefully timed political attacks,” Caputo said in a statement.

Stevens declined to address the specific line items

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