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Lockdown Lite Is Europe’s New Strategy for Fighting Covid-19

(Bloomberg) — Fresh off a summer of relative freedom after harsh lockdowns at the beginning of the pandemic, Europe is trying a new strategy to halt the coronavirus’s next surge: Lockdown Lite.

Unlike the blanket stay-at-home orders that characterized responses to Covid-19’s first wave, a partial lockdown isn’t designed to stop transmission completely. Instead, the idea is to home in on hot spots — certain neighborhoods, nightclubs or private parties, for example — while leaving large parts of the economy open for business.

a person walking down a city street: Retail In Spain's Virus Hit Capital Ahead Of GDP Figures

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Retail In Spain’s Virus Hit Capital Ahead Of GDP Figures

A pedestrian walks past a closed souvenir store in Madrid, on Sept. 22.

Photographer: Paul Hanna/Bloomberg

With death rates running at only a small fraction of the levels last spring despite surging infections in France, Spain, the U.K. and other countries, governments want to avoid draconian measures that caused their worst recessions in memory. Partial

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Central Bank Head: Europe’s Recovery Uncertain, Incomplete | Business News

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The head of the European Central Bank says that the economy is rebounding but that the recovery remains uncertain, incomplete and dependent on containig the virus outbreak.

ECB President Christine Lagarde told a joint meeting of parliamentary deputies from France and Germany on Monday that incoming data suggest a strong economic rebound in the third quarter, that is, July through September. But she added that “the strength of the recovery remains very uncertain, as well as uneven and incomplete.”

“It continues to be highly dependent on the future evolution of the pandemic and the success of containment policies,” she said.

The ECB is pumping 1.35 trillion euros ($1.6 trillion) in newly printed money into the economy through ongoing bond purchases through the end of next year. That is a large-scaled monetary stimulus aimed at preventing the pandemic from causing turmoil in financial markets, and at keeping

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Europe’s Trying to Beat Covid-19 Flareups With Patchwork of Strategies

(Bloomberg) — Tucked in a side street of Paris’s bustling Boulevard du Montparnasse, a tidy bistro is struggling without executives talking business at lunch and tourists sampling the Japanese-inspired French delicacies in the evening.

La Cette’s owner Xavier Bousquet is concerned tables will stay empty as the coronavirus flares up across Europe — including new highs in France. The outbreak is bringing with it an unpredictable hodge podge of restrictions that might be almost as debilitating as earlier lockdowns.

“It’s an economic catastrophe,” said Bousquet. “There’s going to be a domino effect among bars and restaurants. I know plenty that are going to close.”

Europe’s sputtering recovery could falter if another hit comes. People remain nervous about shopping for non-essentials as cases rise and tens of thousands of job cuts cause anxiety about the future. Governments are resisting nationwide restrictions on movement while they navigate this delicate phase, opting

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