An M.C. Escher Inspired Parking Lot for Bikes is Open for Business in The Hague

One of these places is best known as the Netherlands. Here, bikes have been a staple of daily life for decades. One of the cities in the region, The Hague, has taken bike riding to a whole new level. The newest addition to their infrastructure is a parking lot. But remember it’s a parking lot in a region overrun with bikes, makes sense that it’s only for bikes.

To get an understanding of what is happening in this space, we want you to imagine for a second how we park our cars. We usually park in flat 2D parking spaces. Or if we’re lucky enough, our cities have multi-level parking structures. But even those parking lots allow for cars to be parked only layer at a time.

Now, because the bike is smaller than a car, different mechanics can be used in storing or parking them. This parking structure by

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