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Employee Engagement Has a Direct Link to Successful Business Outcomes

Employee engagement is hard to define. Some people think of it as how happy employees are or how committed they seem to reach business goals. Yet, there’s a lot more to it than that. Employee engagement is a key metric that powers your organizational culture, keeps your team members focused and dramatically improves retention. 

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When people truly care about their work and collaborate as a team for the benefit of the company, productivity levels rise. This results in improved customer satisfaction and a positive impact on your bottom line. 

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Your employees are a competitive advantage 

Employee engagement is so important that it can become your ultimate competitive advantage. When your workers understand how they can contribute to your company and see their efforts in action, they become more motivated and add value to your business. 

It’s simple but

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How an Anytime Fitness gym owner is using customer engagement to grow

  • Before the coronavirus pandemic, business was thriving for Hollie DiGiorgio’s Anytime Fitness gym in Florida.
  • Shortly after she moved to a newer, larger facility, DiGiorgio was forced to close for two months due to the public health emergency.
  • Her doors are now open, but business remains far from usual, and DiGiorgio told Business Insider how she’s building it back up.
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2020 started strong for Hollie DiGiorgio and her Anytime Fitness gym in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

She had recently moved her business into a new location, doubling its size and boosting its membership by over 40%.

The industry was on track to reach $106 billion, and the Anytime Fitness brand was expanding quickly.

Then in March, everything changed almost overnight.

“It’s very hard to work so hard and then take 20 million steps back with something that’s completely out of your control,” DiGiorgio said.

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ResellerClub Sustains Customer Engagement during Pandemic with Online Events

ResellerClub’s aim with online events was almost the same as that with in-person ones:

  • Connect with customers during the pandemic
  • Help them upskill, learn and reach out to the brand with their questions, feedback
  • And of course, facilitate mutual knowledge sharing

ResellerClub has conducted 5 self-organised events with many more to go. These include the 5-year run of the web pro summit ‘Ctrl+F5 Online!’ with expert speakers, workshops and even a magic show. ResellerClub also launched a new property called ‘This Month at ResellerClub’, which covers learning on web infrastructure topics, product and platform updates from ResellerClub.

ResellerClub will also be exhibiting at and meeting customers at ‘CloudTalk Online’, a b2b networking event billed as Eurasia’s Largest Virtual Cloud Technologies Meeting. ResellerClub will also be exhibiting at Cloudbazaar Online this December 11th & 12th.

“ResellerClub’s customers are more like a community that’s been on a journey with us for over

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City and Sea Group Celebrates 10 Years of Trusted Technical Services and Effective Planning & Engagement

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CAS Group, a trusted partner for successful project delivery, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.  In 2010, the founders set out with a vision to provide excellence in urban planning, coastal & marine engineering projects, and infrastructure delivery ranging from ports to LNG marine terminals, transportation to waterfront development, power plants to industrial facilities, disaster recovery to coastal protection systems. The firm has been an integral part of the delivery of over $2 billion worth of projects and involved in the development of an additional $4 billion

Company founder and president, Jennifer Lindbom commented, “It’s gratifying to be recognized by the industry for our collaborative, proactive, and insightful expertise.  CAS Group was founded a decade ago, but the beginnings truly started years prior.  SVP Majid Yavary and I have brought our life’s passions to our professions. We work tirelessly to help

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