Use Empathy to Improve Your Customer Experience Strategy

Innovate or die.
While reality in the realm of customer experience professionals might not be quite that stark, there’s plenty of hubbub these days about innovation – and recent events across the world that have impacted the ways we do business have upped the ante. The truth is that both the pressure for innovation and the need to survive as a business is at an all-time high.

Photo by jacoblund via iStock

There’s evidence for this in a prior survey by Forrester Research, Inc., of 100 customer experience professionals. While times were different then, nearly 50 percent of those who responded identified differentiation as their executive strategy. And 13 percent of the respondents said they want their companies to provide the best customer experience across all industries. (see Forrester blog, Customer Experience Innovation Done Right).

So, while brands want to use innovation to differentiate from their competition and meet the

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