McDonald’s Response to Viral TikTok Video Is an Epic Fail–and a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

McDonald’s┬árecently posted a statement on its website, soon after a recent TikTok video featuring its food has gone viral. The video shows a woman’s reveal of a McDonald’s hamburger and fries she claims has been in her closet for more than 20 years–without rotting or decomposing.

There’s only one problem: McDonald’s response doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in its food.

The statement, entitled “Response to myth that McDonald’s burgers do not decompose,” is pretty bad. Just check out the first line:

“In the right environment, our burgers, like most other foods, could decompose.”

Emphasis on the word, “could.”

Sadly, McDonald’s missed a major opportunity to change the narrative around its food. What we got instead was an epic fail: a half-hearted attempt that wasn’t very well thought through.

Let’s break down what makes the fast food giant’s statement such a disaster, and pick out some lessons learned.

What are the

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