Mastercard & Emburse to Automate Expense Process for Clients

Mastercard Incorporated‘s MA corporate cardholders will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new  integrated solution provided by Emburse. The solution intends to streamline the expense process for Amazon Business customers.

The new solution is enabled to generate e-receipts directly into the customer’s receipt wallet, which is a massive enhancement considering that previously customers were required to upload the e-receipts manually within the expense solution.

Once done with the first step, each transaction is broken down into individual line items automatically and further categorized on the basis of the customer’s purchase history and company policies.

Needless to say, this automated receipt generation and itemization of expenses by virtue of the new solution definitely provides relief to Mastercard corporate cardholders, who had been grappling with the hectic reconciliation process of e-receipts with corporate credit cards.

In fact, streamlining of the expense process not only benefits administrators by giving higher

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