How Three Business Leaders Embraced The Potential Of Platinum Linings

By: Melissa Lentz

I am a glass half-full person. In regular years, I find those silver linings and make that lemonade.

But this is no ordinary year. More than six months into the pandemic, I suspect everyone is craving something stronger and something brighter: the platinum linings.

Where silver linings offer hopeful insights, platinum linings have the potential to truly transform.

I recently spoke with three incredible business leaders about the platinum linings 2020 has revealed for them, and how their organizations have navigated to meet this moment.

Revisiting the foundation to spur organic evolution.

Shanna Tellerman, Founder and CEO of Modsy, is no stranger to embracing possibility when presented with a problem. While designing the interior of her home years ago, she was confronted by the obstacle of visualizing furniture elements in the context of her physical

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