A plan by a world leader that could destroy Earth must be stopped in ‘Volcanic Winter’

Mark Rutherford’s new novel discusses issues of global warming and political intrigue

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In Mark Rutherford’s new thriller “Volcanic Winter” (published by Archway Publishing), America’s power-hungry president thinks he can stop global warming through military action, but his second in command will fight to stop him as this plan could destroy Earth.

The vice president, Robert Jenkins, struggling for relevance with voters to be re-elected, takes charge of a plan to defeat climate change. Volcanic winter appears to be the answer to climate change and he becomes its champion. Then he discovers volcanic winter is the equivalent to international genocide. Meanwhile, Angus Probin, the president of the USA, detests the vice president and wants to get rid of him, but Jenkins won’t go. Probin sees volcanic winter as a way to solve the problem of climate change and give him the opportunity to

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