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How Much Did GP Strategies'(NYSE:GPX) Shareholders Earn From Share Price Movements Over The Last Three Years?

While not a mind-blowing move, it is good to see that the GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE:GPX) share price has gained 17% in the last three months. Meanwhile over the last three years the stock has dropped hard. Tragically, the share price declined 69% in that time. So it is really good to see an improvement. The rise has some hopeful, but turnarounds are often precarious.

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To quote Buffett, ‘Ships will sail around the world but the Flat Earth Society will flourish. There will continue to be wide discrepancies between price and value in the marketplace…’ By comparing earnings per share (EPS) and share price changes over time, we can get a feel for how investor attitudes to a company have morphed over time.

GP Strategies saw its EPS decline at a compound rate of 24% per year, over the last three years. This

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Men who have taken a Masters degree in English earn 30 per cent less than if they had not, data shows

Men who do a Masters degree in English earn 30 per cent less than if they had not by their mid-30s, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found.  

Some postgraduate courses – such as law, business and economics – generate a positive return just over a decade later, according to research commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE).  

Men and women who studied these courses earn up to 25 per cent more by the time they are aged 35 than if they had not taken them.  

But a large number of arts and humanities postgraduate courses leave both male and female graduates worse off, including languages, creative arts and history where earnings can be over 20 per cent less.  

Having done an arts undergraduate degree, “doubling down” by going on to a masters in the same field seems to result in large negative returns, the report said.

The IFS analysis

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New Hotels.com Visa Card Helps You Earn Rewards Quicker

Hotels.com is the latest business to dive into the credit card market, announcing the launch of the Hotels.com® Rewards Visa® Credit Card. This new no-annual-fee card is issued by Wells Fargo and backed by the Visa network. It also builds upon the existing Hotels.com® Rewards program to give you a new way to earn rewards nights faster.

With Hotels.com Rewards program you earn rewards or “stamps” for each stay you book on the site. The stamps are like the punch card you get at your local coffee shop: Collect 10 stamps and receive one reward night. With the Hotels.com Rewards credit card, you can now you earn an additional reward each time you spend $500 on your card, helping you get to a free night stay even sooner. 

CNBC Select has the scoop on what you need to know about the new Hotels.com Rewards Visa Credit Card.

Hotels.com® Rewards Visa®

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Earn degrees in less time with Miami University’s accelerated degree programs

Because a college education is among your most important investments, make it go further with one of Miami University’s accelerated degree programs.


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If you will graduate from high school with some college credit on your transcript, Miami provides opportunities to earn degrees in less time. In fact, you can earn two degrees at the same time, and some graduate programs offer guaranteed admission to well-qualified first-year students.

The 3-year Pathway Program

Students entering Miami as a first-semester freshman who have completed substantial college-level coursework (30 hours or more) may be able to complete some of Miami’s degree programs in three years. There are nearly 100 to choose from. Students in this group typically have course credit for Miami from one or more of the following:

Credit earned through successful examination in the following exams: Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

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