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A week before Trump’s order protecting meat plants, industry sent draft language to feds

Even as thousands of their employees fell ill with COVID-19, meatpacking executives pressured federal regulators to help keep their plants open, according to a trove of emails obtained by USA TODAY.

Trump declares meat plants ‘critical infrastructure’ during coronavirus



The emails show how a major meatpacking trade group, the North American Meat Institute, provided the U.S. Department of Agriculture with a draft version of an executive order that would allow plants to remain open. A week later, President Donald Trump signed an order with similar language, which caused confusion over whether local health authorities could close plants due to COVID-19 outbreaks.


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At the same time, the companies and their trade organizations tried to thwart local health departments’ orders to close plants by asking the USDA to intervene.

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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy Has a Replication Crisis

Mock drafts are a staple of fantasy football off-seasons. But what if we’re not doing enough of them?

What’s the risk of not testing enough?

What does a child’s response to marshmallows tell us about their expected academic and personal achievements in the future? In 1972, the answer was simple: plenty. 

That was the year that a study – one that would become, perhaps, the most famous modern-day study in the field of psychology – was published by researchers at Stanford, led by professor Walter Mischel. In the study, young children were brought into a room and offered an immediate reward (usually a marshmallow). But, if the child was able to wait about fifteen minutes, they would be presented with an even better reward (like, two marshmallows). The researcher exited the room, leaving the single marshmallow in front of the kid. And some children were able to keep themselves from

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