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SMB DIGITAL powered by CEBIT Australia to help businesses develop a roadmap to the future

Between the devastating bushfires from the start of the year through to the ongoing pandemic, the bedrock of the Australian economy has been hit with wide-scale customer declines, supplier challenges, and the impact of lockdowns. And yet, despite all of this, there is confidence in the sector. Sensis research shows that 57 per cent of SMBs “feel confident” in their future.

The key will be how those businesses rebound and move forward as the economy begins to recover. The challenge will be that businesses need to acknowledge that the pandemic has had a profound socio-cultural impact, and it will change consumer behaviour. People will rely on online shopping and remote services more, and as such the focus on the digital experience will be all the more critical. That’s a transition that will challenge some SMBs. As a Deloitte report recommends, small businesses should take a step back and consider a

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Facebook Announces New Digital Suite For Small Businesses, And E-Commerce Research Findings

Next week is Small Business Week, an annual commemorative holiday celebrated by the Small Business Administration for the past fifty years. Hopefully, the programming will reflect on the needs and unique challenges facing small businesses at this time. 

This morning, Facebook announced a new digital tool for small businesses to consolidate their operations across social media platforms, the Facebook Business Suite. The interface will allow small business owners to edit their profiles, post content, send and receive messages, and analyze user traffic all in one place. The platform is available for small businesses starting today, and will be expanded in the coming year to serve larger businesses, according to the press release.

Concurrently, they have announced the publication of

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Scottsdale’s Digital Air Strike uses tech to help clients in pandemic


The demolition had already begun when she found out the construction loan that would pay for the home remodel was cancelled. She had just launched a new business. And, she was expecting a baby.

Oh, and there was a little thing called the recession that was the constant backdrop.

But not only did all of that fail to deter Alexi Venneri, the CEO and co-founder of Digital Air Strike, it set her and her Scottsdale consumer engagement technology company up for near invincibility.

Or at least well-equipped to navigate the challenges of an unforeseen pandemic.

“(I was) pregnant, with a ripped up house, just started a business…,” said Venneri of that time in 2010, which included a week when she had to run to a nearby restaurant to use the restroom. “When you start a business during that craziness, I think it does prepare you.”

Fortunately, her kitchen and

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The 5 Reasons It Pays to Invest in Business Reputation Management, According to Digital Silk

35.3% of the total market value of the world’s largest companies depends on their reputation. Digital Silk explained the impact of business reputation on performance and why brands who invest in managing it, like Nike and KFC, see greater success.

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 35.3% of the total market value of the world’s largest companies depends on their reputation. However, the nature of reputation is not widely well-understood by businesses.

Digital Silk, a global digital agency, outlined the reasons why businesses that invest in their reputation can see bottom line value.

The reasons to invest in your company’s reputation are:

1. Reputation impacts customer decisions

  • 85% of customers rely on online reviews as much as on personal recommendations when making a purchase.

2. A solid reputation helps brands stand out from the competition

  • 87% of consumers cross-shop for every purchase they make.

3. Positive perception of

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COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Growth of Mastercard’s Digital Payment Business

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is a key player in the payment processing industry — one of two companies that control the merchant acceptance “rails” for credit cards (the other, of course, is Visa).

In a real sense, it benefits directly from global economic growth and rising consumer spending. The more people spend — and use credit cards in those transactions — the more money Mastercard makes in transaction fees. So it wasn’t a surprise that the credit card giants were significantly impacted by the recession that was set off by the COVID-19 pandemic. With people canceling travel plans en masse, avoiding shopping trips, and growing more concerned about their finances, there was a natural decline in the number of credit card transactions.

However, the silver lining for the credit card companies was that much of that lost in-person spending was replaced by transactions that used e-commerce and other forms of

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How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses During the Global Pandemic

In a previous article, we described some key considerations for managing social media during – and after COVID-19. As the ongoing COVID-19 crisis continues to push people to stay inside their homes, brick & mortar businesses are also taking their share of the damage due to the closures. But what does this mean for marketers? How can retailers thrive at the time when huge billboards are no seen by the public? And on the other hand, how can they leverage on the increased number of online activities?

qimono / Pixabay

The answer is, of course, through digital marketing.

And we invite you to read further as we are going to discuss how digital marketing helps businesses during the global pandemic in today’s entry.

Why Is Traditional Advertising Ineffective At The Moment?

The way we see it, print advertising is not a practical option during a health emergency because of the

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Mastercard (MA) Takes Advantage of Digital Payment Acceleration

The evolution of currency has swiftly shifted over the years as more people move toward a cashless society with the convenience of online payment transitions. The digital payment platform Mastercard has grown so much from the change in consumer behavior to electronic payments. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, MA is benefiting from the accelerated trend towards digital payments as more people continue to make purchases from home.

Deutsche Bank reiterated their Buy rating on shares while raising their price target to $383 (from $320). The analysts expect volumes and transactions to continue to improve and the potential for accelerated adoption of digital to drive long-term growth rates.

During discussions with the anlaysts at a virtual tech conference, President and CEO-elect Michael Miebach highlighted increased demand from the government wanting to modernize the structure of electronic payments and allow businesses to optimize payments. Miebach also mentioned the potential for the accelerated

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bp and Microsoft form strategic partnership to drive digital energy innovation and advance net zero goals

LONDON and REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — bp and Microsoft Corp. today announced that they have agreed to collaborate as strategic partners to further digital transformation in energy systems and advance the net zero carbon goals of both companies. This includes a co-innovation effort focused on digital solutions, the continued use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud-based solution for bp infrastructure and bp supplying renewable energy to help Microsoft meet its 2025 renewable energy goals.

“bp is determined to get to net zero and to help the world do the same. No one can do it alone – partnerships with leading companies like Microsoft, with aligned ambitions, is going to be key to achieving this,” said William Lin, bp executive vice president for regions, cities and solutions. “By bringing our complementary skills and experience together, we are not only helping each other achieve our decarbonization ambitions but

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Mastercard launches testing platform for digital currencies

Mastercard launches testing platform for digital currencies

Lawrence Agcaoili (The Philippine Star) – September 15, 2020 – 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Mastercard has launched a testing platform for digital currencies to allow central banks to evaluate the suitability of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) in a country or a region.

Raj Dhamodharan, executive vice president for digital asset and blockchain products and partnerships at Mastercard, said central banks have accelerated their exploration of digital currencies with a variety of objectives from fostering financial inclusion to modernizing the payments ecosystem.

“Mastercard is driving innovation with the public sector, banks, fintech and advisory firms in the exploration of CBDCs, working with partners that are aligned to our core values and principles. This new platform supports central banks as they make decisions now and in the future about the path forward for local and regional economies,” Dhamodharan said.

With the global economy

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Digital business strategies rely upon good connections

With a widespread need to reskill employees in the ‘new normal’, global tech giant CGI has delivered a framework  for firms that explains how technology can accelerate adaptation

BUSINESSES are being urged to urgently develop their technological capibilities in order to cope with the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the disruption caused by the virus continues, global technology  giant CGI has put forward a wide-ranging framework for tackling the crisis and saving the economy.

Lindsay McGranaghan, vice-president of CGI in Scotland, is now calling for companies to take advantage of the insights in the report to help them adapt and thrive in the ‘new normal’.

The White Paper has been drawn up by CGI’s president and CEO George D Schindler and it outlines his belief that it is more important than ever to focus on how to create value in the face of unprecedented change.

He points out

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