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South Africa almost didn’t get any new Nvidia graphics cards

South Africa initially did not make the cut for first wave allocation of new GeForce RTX 30-Series graphics cards, a local representative for the ASUS Open Platform Business Group informed MyBroadband.

“After numerous fights with all parties involved, some [stock] was allocated,” ASUS South Africa said.

Regarding the retail price estimates that has local gamers up in arms, ASUS said they have to take various factors into consideration to provide a price estimate to retailers.

Most important are the shipping costs. To ensure the graphics cards reach South Africa as soon as possible, they are being shipped by DHL Express.

ASUS South Africa also explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to calculate shipping costs, and they have to err on the side of caution for their pricing estimates.

Other costs that need to be taken into account are VAT and customs.

“Customs will charge some fees for

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COVID-19 Didn’t Stop This MBA Landing A Top Consulting Job At Deloitte

When International MBA students at Emlyon Business School switched to studying online after France’s coronavirus outbreak, Abram Stewart (pictured) used the opportunity to strengthen his network and land a new job. 

Before Emlyon, he worked as a product manager for investment strategies at Charles Schwab Investment Management. He was secure in his role, but he wanted a business education that would give him wider career options.  

He’s now a senior consultant in the investment management division of Deloitte Luxembourg, and says he’s in a strong position to add more variety to his career. “Before leaving for business school, I thought to myself: When was the last time you took a risk?” he says. 

The risk paid off. With his MBA, Abram is already reaping the benefits––and the global pandemic didn’t get in the way of him realizing his career ambitions.  

Being an 

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