Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden works his union base from south central Pennsylvania on Labor Day, and why that matters

HARRISBURG – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden spent the bulk of his Labor Day in south central Pennsylvania Monday, holding a backyard chat with local labor leaders in Lancaster, and later headlining a Facebook Live event targeted at AFL-CIO members nationally from downtown Harrisburg.

In keeping with a pandemic-limited campaign, these were low-wattage events that did not grab a lot of attention from the general public; at 5 p.m., a crowd estimated at about 50 Biden supporters waited outside the state AFL-CIO state headquarters on North 2nd Street, hoping for a glimpse of Biden as he left.

Biden waved to them from an upper-story window before departing the union offices. It was the closest thing to mixing with the public that the campaign had scheduled for a holiday weekend when candidates traditionally like to touch as many voters as they can.

But what might seem to many like a

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