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Reeling from coronavirus, Central Florida hotels offer some sweet deals

Facing one of the most challenging tourism markets in modern history, hotels are turning to a classic marketing tool to reclaim customers: the deal.

“They’re trying hard to keep people employed and not shut down again, so they’re offering some pretty great deals and specials to get people in,” said Keri Burns, Central Florida regional director for the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association.

Lockdown-weary travelers eager for a change of scenery can find rooms discounted as much as 50% at some properties.

As a sample of some current bargains, guests can get a third night 50% off when they book for two nights at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park. The JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando is offering 15% off and a $25 daily resort credit with one of their packages. And area Hilton hotels are taking 20% off.

The discounts are part of an effort to save

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Turns Out President Business Deals Couldn’t Manage a Lemonade Stand

Photo credit: Spencer Platt - Getty Images
Photo credit: Spencer Platt – Getty Images

From Esquire

No one should need to see Donald Trump’s tax returns to know he’s a Businessman in the way Clark Stanley was a Businessman. We have known for some time that Trump initially made his money through a multigenerational tax avoidance scheme that at some points veered into outright fraud. We have known that many of his businesses—six at least—have crashed into bankruptcy, including multiple casinos(!), and he avoided personal bankruptcy by taking his failing business public—the stock ticker was his initials—and leaving investors with the bill. Throughout much of the 1990s, he was not paying taxes because of nearly $1 billion in business losses he incurred during that time, which canceled out any income earned. When he did get some real income again, it was primarily by playing the part of a Businessman on television—complete with a stage-set Boardroom that NBC

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Trump involvement in business deals is break from past

From the Oval Office, Trump has pushed to set the value of both the U.S. dollar and interest rates, determine the winner of federal contracts and overrule corporate decisions on factory locations. He has called for executives to be fired at businesses that displeased him and urged his 86 million Twitter followers to buy some products and shun others.

This populist activism has more in common with strong male leaders in countries such as Turkey, Russia or China than with Republican free market orthodoxy and could undermine the U.S. economy’s long-term appeal, according to economists, former government officials and historians.

“He’s more of a central planner than the communists,” said economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who served in President George W. Bush’s White House and advised Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The latest illustration of Trump’s highly personal style began Aug. 6, when he issued an executive order banning TikTok, the

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The Best Cheap Gaming PC Deals for September 2020

Even old-school computer enthusiasts have to accept that it’s hard to beat the portability of a laptop in today’s mobile landscape, but when it comes to gaming, even the best 2-in-1 ultrabook or MacBook can’t hold a candle to a proper desktop battle station. It’s much easier and cheaper to cram all that beefy hardware into a full-sized computer tower, and this lets you upgrade any one of your computer’s internal parts (giving you future-proofing that laptops can’t offer). A desktop PC also allows for full-sized monitors, multiple displays, and purpose-built gaming accessories such as keyboards and mice.

Many people assemble their own PCs, and while that’s a fine option, it can be a challenge for the uninitiated and may not save you all that much cash. Unless your time is worthless, why not find a good cheap gaming PC that suits your needs instead? There are plenty waiting to

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The best online shopping deals this weekend: Hand sanitizer, Glossier sets, Apple AirPods

Even though most non-essential businesses are now open after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, tons of retailers are still offering online sales.

If you need your weekend shopping fix, we’ve got you covered.

The end-of-summer sales are in full force, and there are some big ones out there.

Some of the noteworthy deals include up to 85% off Coach bags, the popular Lululemon sale on leggings and Germ-X Hand Sanitizer in bulk for under $28.

Here’s a roundup of some of the better sales this weekend.


The popular online retail giant has Apple products on sale, including AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for 22% off, the latest iPad Mini for 12% off and Series 3 Watch for 15% off.

Also at Amazon: Germ-X 2 Ounce (Pack Of 48) Hand Sanitizer is also now discounted by 35%, down to $47 compared to $72. It’s also available in 8

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Cheap Psychics Online: The Best Psychic Reading Deals of 2020


Getting a cheap psychic reading by phone or chat can be a very powerful and life-changing experience.

Whether you’re looking for relationship insights, career advice, or just want to know how your future will unfold, an online psychic can provide the type of clarity that you just can’t get by talking to family or friends.

Several popular psychic reading services are offering heavily discounted rates and free minutes in order to help their customers get through these challenging times. Psychics are caring people that genuinely want to help others, and these affordable rates help them to reach as many people as possible.

If you’re looking for an AMAZING psychic reading without spending a fortune, here are the cheapest psychic deals that you’ll find anywhere, guaranteed.

  • Psychic Source – 3 FREE Minutes + Rates As Low As $0.66 Per Minute
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Coronavirus fueling Americans’ search for online shopping deals

As Americans are strapped for cash and limited by coronavirus restrictions imposed on brick-and-mortar retailers, a new survey by online payment firm Paypal and online coupon browser extension Honey has found a surge in consumers who are seeking out online deals.

The survey found that four out of five Americans (79%) believe finding a great deal is more important than ever, as 58% of respondents reported a decrease in household income due to the pandemic. The survey noted 37% of respondents spend between one and two hours a week looking for online coupons and deals while 20% report spending between three and four hours per week.

Fashion and retail psychologist Dawnee Karen told FOX Business that the online shopping trends may be fueled by consumers feeling a lack of control as

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The Best Cheap Printer Deals for September 2020

Printer technology improved and prices dropped a long way in recent years. Today’s inkjet and laser printers feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless wireless printing from a laptop or mobile device as well as greatly enhanced output quality, putting them light years ahead of clunky, noisy, unreliable printers that we’ve all had to struggle with at some point or another.

Printers aren’t cheap throwaway purchases, though, so a discount is always a good thing; and since you probably plan to keep your printer for at least a few years, it’s worth the effort to find a good one. Let us help you out: We’ve collected a large handful of the best cheap printer deals available right now on all-in-one inkjets and laser printers (including ones capable of color printing) that cover just about any need and budget, along with a list of some of our favorite models to keep

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Hamden Restaurant Week to bring meal deals, live music

HAMDEN — Folks hungry for a deal can expect a host of dining specials as the annual Restaurant Week comes to town.

Hamden Restaurant Week kicks off its 10th year Sept. 21 and runs through Sept. 26, with much to offer patrons in dining choices and live

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Dell Small Business Semi-Annual Sale 2020: The 5 Best Deals

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If you’re starting out as a small business and are looking to score quality products at affordable prices look no further. Dell’s small business sale features laptops, workstations, desktops, and more all at reduced prices. Get your new office set up now with these great deals from Dell, with some products even seeing over $1000 off! We’ve narrowed down the 5 best deals from Dell’s Semi-Annual Sale to make your shopping easier.

27-inch Dell Monitor (Full HD) — $200, was $280

This 27-inch monitor is built for people who spend all day at their desks. There’s an adjustable stand so you can customize the height of your desktop and protect your neck and back from unnecessary pain. There’s also the added feature of ComfortView which protects your eyes from harmful blue light emissions when you’re stuck

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