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Business Social Innovation To Tackle Cycles Of Poverty

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on working conditions worldwide, including a major focus on which employees have had to continue working in person with fewer protections than others. Often, these employees come from marginalized communities that are already disproportionately affected by the virus.

While the pandemic will not be with us forever, many people from marginalized communities will continue to face higher barriers to employment and live with the effects of cycles of poverty long after it is over. Consumers, however, are increasingly taking notice of — and punishing —companies that fail to employ and provide protections to vulnerable populations.

Many companies, Certified B Corporations prominently among them, are strategically hiring people from these communities. These companies are using new and innovative business practices to effectively support their workers, from open

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Higher Inflation From The Fed’s New Strategy – And More Business Cycles

The Federal Reserve’s new strategy statement will likely result in higher inflation and more volatile inflation. The higher inflation is welcome, at least by the Fed. The more volatile inflation rate and economic cyclicality may not be expected by them.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell explained the new strategy at the annual monetary policy conference, usually held in Jackson Hole but conducted online this year. Powell’s speech noted four major changes in the economy in recent years. First, estimates of long-run potential growth of the economy have declined. Second, interest rates have fallen. Third, our long expansion after the recession of 2008-09 led to a great labor market, which especially help disadvantaged people. And fourth, the strong labor market did not lead to higher inflation. Powell’s four points are factually correct.

The Fed is afraid of inflation running too low. This fear is the basis of the new strategy. Powell

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