CVS Health: Business Takes Off, Stock Remains A Riddle (NYSE:CVS)

I am covering CVS Health Corporation (NYSE:CVS) since November 2017, when I wrote about the company for the first time. Back then, it was trading around $70, and I already called the stock undervalued. Over the last three years, I have written several bullish articles about CVS, and in April 2019, I finally bought CVS when it was trading a little above $50.

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Although the stock climbed to $75 after I bought the stock, it crashed in March 2020 along with everything else, and it completely missed the rally that was going on in the market over the last few months. I understand that CVS is not a “hot stock” and not a technology company, but I am puzzled why the market does not recognize the value of CVS. And although I remain very bullish, the divergence between my opinion about the stock’s intrinsic value and the

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