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We’re creating a 30-year plan for our streets. Want to help? | Opinion

By Kathryn A. DeFillippo

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives — how we work, how we maintain our health, how we learn, how we socialize and recreate, how we spend money, how we do business, and how we get around. With the virus suddenly making indoor activities a lot riskier, people have taken to the streets — literally. Outdoor seating, dining, sidewalk sales, and more have popped up in towns and cities across the state. The concept of ‘complete streets’ that meet the needs of everyone is no longer an academic planning vision but rather a Main Street reality.

Here in North Jersey we’ve seen towns quickly transform and use sidewalks and streets in creative ways as never seen before. Car use has been restricted to create more street space for walking, bicycling and outdoor dining. These changes help people get around while maintaining social distancing;

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3 accused of creating man cave under Grand Central Terminal

NEW YORK (AP) — Three railroad workers have been suspended for turning a storage room under New York’s Grand Central Terminal into an unauthorized “man cave” with a television, a refrigerator, a microwave and a futon couch, officials said Thursday.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority investigation found that managers at Metro-North Railroad were unaware of the hideaway beneath Track 114.

“Many a New Yorker has fantasized about kicking back with a cold beer in a prime piece of Manhattan real estate — especially one this close to good transportation,” MTA Inspector General Carolyn Pokorny said in a news release. “But few would have the chutzpah to commandeer a secret room beneath Grand Central Terminal.”

Three Metro-North

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How Mastercard is creating career opportunities for its employees

  • Mastercard pivoted its business strategy at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Chief People Officer Michael Fraccaro said Mastercard asked for 50 volunteers on new, pandemic-related projects. Four hundred people responded.
  • It’s a way for Mastercard employees to tackle new career challenges, and to stay engaged with the company.
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The pandemic recession has pushed many companies to put their hiring plans on pause. And the decision could open up career opportunities for existing employees.

Mastercard is a prime example of how that can work.

At Mastercard, which vowed not to conduct any COVID-19-related layoffs, about 20,000 staffers around the world had the chance to expand their skill sets and get noticed by leadership through a new initiative called Project Possible.

Shortly after the onset of the pandemic, Mastercard announced a revised set of organizational objectives. Executives then asked for employee volunteers to work

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These College Dropouts Have Built A Fast-Growing Business Creating Viral Ads That Look Like Memes

Low-brow jokesters Reid Hailey (left) and Derek Lucas are thriving in an ad apocalypse by making some of the internet’s most widely shared memes for big brands like Bud Light, Netflix and Activision.

When Bud Light wanted to end 2019 with a Christmastime digital ad campaign, the beer giant turned not to Madison Avenue’s mad men but to two 29-year-old dudes in Atlanta: Reid Hailey and Derek Lucas. Their Doing Things Media quietly runs some of Instagram’s most popular meme accounts, like @NoChaser (7.9 million followers), @ShitHeadSteve (6 million) and @AnimalsDoingThings (4.6 million), and they also specialize in creating ads that resemble memes. For Bud Light’s yuletide marketing, they came up with an image of two guys joking about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinbeer, who turns out to be a crudely Photoshopped Bud Light can with antlers and a cherry-red schnoz—dad humor at its finest. Then, in February, when Bud

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How Chinese Industry Giants are Leading the World by Creating Enormous Business Ecosystems

Spider Media

China business ecosystem research
China business ecosystem research
China business ecosystem research

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global media agency, Spider Media recently released an in-depth insight into the world of Chinese ecosystems. Taking a look at how these ecosystems are formed, operate and develop, the team presented a comparative analysis of three very different industries and styles. The report specifically outlines how food logistics, big-tech and manufacturing oftentimes use similar ideas to organize themselves into highly-efficient ecosystems of interdependence.

As the undisputed global leaders in manufacturing, China has for years been perfecting the model of open innovation within large business ecosystems. Adding to much of the country’s economic rise over recent decades, these huge ecosystems are comprised of a great number of smaller component parts that allow for ultra-specialization at each individual point in the business cycle.  
Oftentimes spanning multiple verticals, these ecosystems are seen everywhere from digital

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Creating an Effective SEO Content Marketing Strategy

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, SEO is vital to your company’s ultimate success. And a large part of that success comes down to creating and implementing an effective SEO content marketing strategy. SEO and content go hand in hand. As a recent Forbes article succinctly puts it, “SEO without content marketing is like a body without a soul.” Think of your keyword research; you could assemble the absolute best keywords for your business, but if you don’t include those keywords in your content, they won’t do you much good. And the same is true for the reverse: creating content without understanding what your target audience is searching for won’t drive more traffic to your website.

To ensure your SEO strategy is a success, it should be designed around and work in tandem with your content marketing strategy. Read on to learn how to develop and implement a

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