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Cox Communications Grants Homeless Students Online Assistance

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — A donation of six laptops and increased bandwidth will aid young students of the Orange County Rescue Mission, Cox Business says. The internet provider learned of the urgent need for funding for the 2020-2021 school year , with 61 students going back to virtual school.

With Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decision to start all schools virtually, the Rescue Mission had a mere two weeks to ensure its homeless children had everything they needed for remote learning.

This included the need for increased internet capacity.

“Once we were able to create a social distance learning environment right here at Village of Hope, we realized that we also needed to upgrade our internet bandwidth in order for our children to be successful in their schooling during this unprecedented time,” says Jim Palmer, President of Orange County Rescue Mission. “We knew Cox has consistently demonstrated a commitment to bridging the

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Cox Business’ 2020 Tech Awards Will Be Unique Immersive Online Event

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The virtual format for the Top Tech Awards. Courtesy Cox Business

Cox Business will honor the San Diego region’s information technology innovators for the 13th consecutive year Thursday with the Top Tech Awards.

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And fittingly for technology awards during the pandemic, Cox will use a new immersive technology platform — VirBELA, — to safely honor dozens of the regional innovators.

“We are thrilled to have found a collaborative virtual environment for the Top Tech Awards” said Duane Cameron, vice president of Cox Business in San Diego. “We recognize that in these unprecedented times, people are experiencing video conferencing fatigue and people are missing real human connections. We look forward to our collaboration with VirBELA and are excited to offer a true event experience to our esteemed IT honorees and attendees.”

San Diego’s business community will

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Cox Business Convention Center launches video production studio to help clients go virtual | Entertainment


The Cox Business Convention Center received a new “face,” a three-story glass entrance, as part of a $55 million renovation. CBCC announced it is ready to help clients go virtual.

Cox Business Convention Center added a new service and created studio production packages to help clients temporarily shift gears into online events.

The CBCC Video Production Studio is available for booking in the venue’s Legacy Hall, formerly Assembly Hall. The studio packages provide lights, stage dressing, audio and video and the ASM Tulsa/CBCC Technical Services team (technical director, audio Operator, camera Operators).

“With the CBCC Video Production Studio, we’re able to provide clients with an equipped studio space and an experienced team able to help create the content needed for online events,” said Seth Bailey, ASM Tulsa director of technology. “The ASM Tulsa team provides in-house audio, video and technical support for both BOK Center and

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