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Anchorage business survey highlights continuing economic pain caused by the pandemic

One in six local businesses increasingly fear they won’t survive the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and several already report shutting down, according to a survey released Wednesday by the Anchorage Economic Development Corp.

“We’ve got a long road in front of us in terms of the damage we’ve incurred already from COVID-19,” said Bill Popp, president of AEDC. “A fair number of businesses aren’t sure they’ll make it through this.”

The survey polled 195 businesses, but not all respondents answered every question. The survey found that 165 respondents, or 85%, said they experienced disruption to their business during the pandemic, including declining sales and job cuts, and changes to work patterns such as more employees working remotely.

Fourteen businesses, or 9% of respondents to the question, said they have already closed permanently, according to the survey, created in conjunction with the McDowell Group, a research firm.

The survey does

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Protecting jobs, continuing business utmost priority amid severe economic situation

Japanese Chief Secretary and front-runner for the country’s leadership race Yoshihide Suga is on the wires now, via Reuters, making some comments on the economic recovery and coronavirus situation.

Key quotes

“Will expand coronavirus testing capacity.”

“Will aim to make sure everyone receives coronavirus vaccines.”

“Protecting jobs, continuing business are our utmost priority amid the severe economic situation.”

“Want to protect people’s lives from coronavirus while expanding the economy.”

“Will support tourism through the go-to campaign while maintaining coronavirus prevention measures.”

“Want to thoroughly tackle reform to lower cellphone fees.”

“Abenomics will continue, to pursue further reform.”

“Will strengthen reforms carried out until now, including tourism expansion, promotion of agricultural exports.”

“Security environment around japan is increasingly tough.”

“Will build stable ties with neighboring countries including China.”

“Will pursue a constructive debate on constitutional reform.”

“Want to establish an agency in charge of digitalization.”

“Want to lay a groundwork to

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