Mike Hosking: National’s election policies providing a contest of ideas


Credit where credit is due. National can’t be accused of not taking this election seriously with policy.

Name me Labour’s latest policy, and when it was announced. At least National are pumping it out. And put aside whether you agree with it or not, at least it’s out there, at least there is choice, at least there are ideas.

From the $3000 for babies to the $31 billion for infrastructure, most days there has been an announcement.

We have border policy, a plan for Tiwai, and something for small business. That, by the way, with its 90-day trials is the first real example we have seen involving businesses actually being given an opportunity to grow without the endless welfare chequebook being brought out.

We have law and order covered. There was a car insurance policy around third-party cover that would hardly change the world but, once again, a good

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