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DVIDS – News – Planning phases nearly complete on Fort McCoy’s new 5-year business plan

Fort McCoy senior leaders are currently in phase four of developing the five-year Strategic Business Plan for fiscal years 2021-2025.

Phase four is the final development or planning phase of the Strategic Business Plan before it moves into phase five, which is implementation and reporting.

“Over the years, Fort McCoy has established a proven record of excellence for installation management,” states the Installation Management System Handbook.

Phase four includes the development of performance goals, enterprise performance measures, and action plans to guide the garrison leadership for the next five years.

Workforce feedback was solicited during phase two of the planning process, which covers the analysis of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The worker-generated input, which was gathered during anonymous surveys earlier in the year, helped the team develop its new strategic objectives.

While considering both internal and external feedback, Fort McCoy senior leaders have developed 40 performance goals,

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A.I. Branding Platform Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Service

ZeBrand puts the power and depth of expert branding agencies in the hands of small businesses and startups with their complete, self-generating branding toolkits.

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ZeBrand is a complete DIY branding platform that uses algorithmic logic to create complete brand strategies and generate brand designs and identities for emerging businesses.

A.I. Branding Platform ZeBrand Empowers Small Business and Startups with Complete DIY Branding Service

The service aims to make branding more accessible than ever and is efficient, simple, and cost-effective.

Companies are guided by the service as they refine and distill their thinking about who their target customer is, their vision, brand story, and messaging. ZeBrand’s artificial intelligence then gathers this information and creates complete brand blueprints that provide value previously accessible to only large internationally known brands with larger budgets and time commitments.

According to a recent Richtopia.com article titled, “How

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