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Growth to Go with 2 Cheap Classic Tech Stocks

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Investing in growth stocks has become very challenging in September. The big, modern names in technology, along with all of the indexed investments and ETFs that track them, have all had some bigger down days. And the “buy now for future performance” argument is getting really tough to swallow, as valuation metrics for the big tech sector are very inflated.

The S&P 500 Index is, of course, significantly more tech weighted at 27.86%, so the big tech stocks are the driver for the index. And as a result, the index — even with the sell-off so far in September — still is at multi-year highs in terms of the value of the index’s members. Check out the price to earnings (P/E) at 25.76 times, the price to sales (P/S) at 2.44 times and the price to intrinsic value (book, P/B)

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Caddie Master Volunteers Honored at Cambia Portland Classic | LPGA

AXA BannerProfessional golfers know it takes a team to win tournaments with the player and caddie working together to navigate every shot.

Tournament organizers also attempt to build their own large team each year when they assemble volunteers to help make their event run smoothly. Sometimes teams within the larger group even add their own unique stamp on a tournament, thanks to extra attention to special details.

That is the case with one of the Cambia Portland Classic’s volunteer teams, who happen to be a pair of former local caddies who have known each other for 40 years. The duo vowed to focus their attention on the needs of the LPGA Tour’s professional caddies during their event and have worked to make it their calling card for several decades.

Portland native Stan Kawamoto of Renton, Wash., and Lee Hoffman of Salem, Ore., know how it feels to carry the bag for

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