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A Boon For Business, But Choosing The Best Fit Requires Care

Chetan Dube is the President and CEO of IPsoft. Prior to joining IPsoft, Chetan served as an assistant professor at New York University. 

The Covid-19 pandemic quickly created a business environment of falling revenue and declining capital. That has led to a push-and-pull scenario in which companies must spend less money while generating more.

But the bottom line isn’t going to bolster itself. What can be done, and what investments can be made to deliver a positive return during one of the most difficult periods businesses have ever faced?

An increasing number of businesses are trialing cognitive artificial intelligence. While the U.S. Census Bureau reported that AI is still concentrated in large companies — and in less than 10% of businesses — more firms are discovering how to use the technology to save money and streamline operations. Whether that continues throughout the pandemic remains to be seen, but

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Choosing Between a Secured and Unsecured Credit Card

Credit cards can be found in nearly every wallet and purse in America, so most small business owners with good credit already have access to that type of financing. But what can you do as an entrepreneur if your credit score isn’t the greatest? Should you get a secured credit card? Read on to learn the difference between unsecured and secured credit cards and which one is right for your business’s situation.

What is a secured credit card versus an unsecured credit card?

Since their inception in the 1950s, credit cards have been a common payment method for most Americans. In fact, a report by WalletHub using data from the U.S. Census Bureau and Nilson Report found that there were approximately 1.12 billion credit cards in the U.S. as of 2018. By 2023, that number is expected to go up to nearly 1.3 billion.

The report also estimated that the

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