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Non-profit athletic training program created for special needs children and adults

An Odessa man is using his athletic training business to fund the new non-profit, “A Special Kind of Game Ready”.

ODESSA, Texas — We know that sports are so much more than just a game. 

That’s why an Odessa man started a non-profit dedicated to sports training a decade ago. 

Today it’s a full fledged business and just like he did 10 years ago, Dominique Brown is using those profits to fund a new non-profit. 

Brown has been working to develop the program over the last year or so that isn’t just for your typical athlete but for anyone who wants to try, even those who may face physical or mental challenges.

Game Ready USA was his original project. It started off as a non-profit kids athletic training summer camp at a park.

His inspiration for everything comes from his family and their past experiences. 

“Showing the kids the importance

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She lost her business due to coronavirus. Now she’s supporting her four children by running their lemonade stand

Erin Bailey owned and ran a successful lawn care business in Palm Springs. But as the pandemic spread, her list of clients quickly dwindled — and now she has none.

“I was so excited to finally have my own business and it was going so well, then all of a sudden everything just stopped. I was so happy and proud, and now I feel like a failure,” Bailey, a single mom to four children, told CNN.

“It’s always been just me, looking for help that wasn’t coming,” she added, while fighting back tears. “It got so hopeless. It just feels like you’re walking around in the dark and bumping into everything. You just feel so alone, like everyone else is OK but you’re the only one that’s not.”

Bailey said the family receives government help in the form of food stamps, but they don’t last long enough. About 27 million
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Thousands of Houston-area school children still need at-home tech as online classes ramp up

As she scrambled to find a computer and internet access for her two elementary-age children last week, Jamesha Adams struck out at every turn.

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