Action Plan To Grow an Authentic Solopreneur Business


Let’s start with the most important. It’s not “what’s your niche?” or “have you set up your email list?”

​When advising a new client who is starting their solopreneur service business, I don’t recommend creating a website right away, nor clarifying a niche yet.

I recommend that you first create content, because that is where true clarity comes from.

Here is the first and most important question — no matter if you’re just starting your business, or already have a thriving one:

1. What is your content creation rhythm?

By dedicating yourself to a consistent habit of content, you’ll develop a sustainable level of creativity and energy that flows into other parts of your business.

I make no excuses for content creation. Even when I’m sick, my 3 priorities are: (1) sleep, (2) drink lots of water, and (3) make sure I create content!

If you are just starting out,

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