The Role of Business Analysts in Agile

Business analysts have a role in agile organizations; they can become a product owner, join a team, or work across products where they collaborate with product owners and teams.

Maia Nikolova, head of business analysis at News UK, spoke about the place for business analysts in a post-agile world at Aginext 2020.

In the early days of agile, a lot of people wanted to erase the job title “business analyst,” but then the question of what to do with that skill set arose, Nikolova mentioned. Becoming a PO was one obvious choice, but that is quite limiting when you have vast initiatives cutting across several products with a lot of dependencies, she said.

At News UK the role of the BA is within the agile team and it’s quite integral when it comes to gathering the detail around the pieces of work that need to be done and making sure

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