Investment proposals in agro-processing on the rise: PM’s adviser

Bangladesh’s agro-processing sector needs a governing body to represent its interests as both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs are coming up with various investment proposals for the industry, according to Salman F Rahman, private industry and investment affairs adviser to the prime minister.

“We need to do this in a much more formal and broad way,” Rahman said while using Pepsico’s investment in the country’s agro-processing industry as an example of the sector’s investment potential.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been coming in areas such as food processing and livestock, he added.

According to the prime minister’s adviser, Bangladesh needs to re-skill its people as new and emerging areas for investment and employment generation are being discovered regularly due to automation.

Freelancing is another important area for employment as it engages more than 1.2 million youths in the country, he said.

Rahman made these comments while speaking at a virtual meeting

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