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Trump administration moves to limit student visa stays over fraud, national security concerns

The Trump administration has announced a rule limiting the open-ended stay for international students from countries, amid concerns about overstays, fraud and potential risks to national security.

The new rule, proposed by the Department of Homeland Security, would allow those coming into the U.S. onto an F or J nonimmigrant visa to be limited to a stay of four years. Currently students are allowed to remain in the country as long as they can show that their period of study is ongoing.


The rule submission says that, currently, “admitting a nonimmigrant for duration of status creates a challenge to the Department’s ability to efficiently monitor and oversee these nonimmigrants, because they may remain in the United States for indefinite periods of time without being required to have immigration officers periodically assess whether they are complying with

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Macquarie university’s Master of business administration ranks in top 100 globally

Macquarie University’s MBA, run by the Macquarie Business School (MQBS), has ranked 95th out of 258 MBA courses offered worldwide in the 2021 Global MBA QS World University Rankings.

Macquarie Business School’s MBA has moved up in ranking from the previous year, breaking into the top 100 globally. This year, Macquarie Business School also submitted three more of its post graduate courses to QS for ranking consideration. All three have been ranked in the top 50 globally. The Master of Marketing is ranked 19th, Master of Applied Finance ranked 32nd and Master of Management ranked 49th globally. These results mean that the Master of Marketing and Master of Applied Finance both ranked 1st in Australia.

The Global MBA QS World University Rankings is based on five key indicators: employability, return on investment, alumni outcomes, thought leadership and diversity.

Professor Eric Knight, Executive Dean, Macquarie Business School says the results were

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Trump administration proposes bill to chip away at online industry’s legal protections

William Barr

Attorney General William Barr speaks with federal officials for a panel discussion at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. | Brynn Anderson/AP Photo


WASHINGTON — The Justice Department proposed legislation Wednesday to narrow a key set of legal protections that shield internet companies like Facebook and Google from lawsuits over their efforts to police speech online, marking the latest escalation of the Trump administration’s battle with social media platforms.

The details: The legislation, submitted by the DOJ to Congress on Wednesday, targets a portion of federal law known as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects a broad swath of online businesses from liability for hosting user material and taking steps to curb noxious material on their sites.


The legal shield, enacted in 1996, has come under attack from officials across the political aisle amid scrutiny

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Business groups start gaming out a Biden administration

a man standing in front of a bus: Business groups start gaming out a Biden administration

Business groups start gaming out a Biden administration

Lobbying groups are actively trying to figure out what a first hundred days of a Biden administration might look like.

With Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead in the polls and Democrats with a shot of taking the Senate and having full control of Congress, business groups are game-planning for the possibility of a new era in Washington that could include higher taxes and new regulations – a dramatic departure from the Trump years.

At the same time, the groups are also preparing for the potential for four more years of President Trump, a possibility that would bring about its own set of opportunities and challenges.

“Nobody should be caught flat-footed the day after the election. Companies and trade associations that take the time to think through various election scenarios now will be best prepared to succeed in

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Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) MBA Full-time at Jordanstown 2021/22


The Executive MBA is a globally recognised qualification allowing experienced and aspiring business leaders and managers to shape a successful career.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? The Ulster University Executive MBA is a challenging Master’s degree designed for ambitious professionals.

Offered by the Ulster University Business School, the Executive MBA is designed to meet the needs of experienced or aspiring managers who wish to expand their knowledge and skills to equip them for senior management positions.

This Master’s programme will help you to relate your work experience to business theory, broadening your understanding of organisations and the increasingly competitive environment in which they operate. You will enhance your knowledge of business functions, processes, and strategies. The innovative modules will also challenge you to examine your own business practices and management style, and develop your strategic and critical thinking skills.

The Ulster University

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) MBA Full-time at Jordanstown 2021/22

About this course


Become a business leader of tomorrow.

The MBA course will educate and develop you as a manager and business specialist, improving your future career prospects through providing an integrated, applied and critical understanding of management and organisations. You will develop transferable and intellectual skills that are essential for successful general and strategic management in both private and public sector organisations. The course considers the current local, regional and international market trends so you can apply your skills to real life environments.

Aimed at developing management and leadership skills for graduates of any discipline, the objectives of the MBA are to:

  • Develop multidisciplinary and international perspectives, concepts and issues in the major management disciplines
  • Provide toolkits and techniques for analysing business and management issues
  • Stimulate your ability to analyse, synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding to solve management problems critically, rationally and rigorously
  • Appreciate and apply contemporary
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Small Business Administration offers online events for entreprenuers

After being postponed since May by the pandemic, this last full week of September is Small Business Week in Iowa, with a series of online events being offered for entrepreneurs statewide.

Jayne Armstrong, director of the U.S. Small Busines Administration’s Iowa District Office, says 2020 has been a year like no other and it’s time to recognize everyone who’s been working so hard to keep the lights on during the ongoing health crisis.
“Oh my gosh, there are so many different workshops and different speakers and a lot related to the pandemic and the recovery and everything along those lines,” she says.

With more than 95-percent of the businesses in Iowa being small businesses, this year’s many weeks and months of shut-downs due to COVID-19 has been especially hard on multiple industries. Armstrong says a few key federal programs are helping to keep many thousands of Iowa small businesses afloat

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Trump administration set to make it tough for US cos to hire H-1B visa holders – world news

The Trump administration plans to make it harder for US companies to hire foreign workers on H-1B non-immigrant short-term visas, by narrowing the definition of “speciality” occupation and raising minimum wages for the employees.

Both measures are intended to ensure American workers were not displaced or denied jobs because of cheaper foreign workers. Critics of the H-1B programme argue that US companies are hiring foreign workers to displace American ones, and that they are not highly skilled as they ought to be. More than 70% of these H-1B visas go to Indians hired by US companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, and US subsidiaries of Indian IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro and TCS.

Office of Management and Budget of the White House has posted a notice on its website saying a review was under way of H-1B and other visas, but no details were available.

White House

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H-1B visa: Ahead of US elections 2020, Trump administration races against time to tighten regulations

The administration is aiming to review these regulations before the country goes into re-election on November 3.

H-1B visas: Ahead of the US Presidential Elections 2020, President Donald Trump’s administration is trying to tighten the norms and make it harder for US companies to hire employees from abroad before the end of 2020. This, according to officials cited by news agency Reuters, would lead to preservation of jobs for American nationals as the country deals with severe blow to employment due to the coronavirus pandemic. The officials also said that the decision would be politically difficult to reverse, the report said.

The White House budget office is racing against time to review a fast-track regulation to narrow the definition of “specialty occupation” that is eligible under the H-1B programme for getting a skilled-worker visa, the report said, citing the website of the budget office and administration officials. Apart from this,

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