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VIDEO: Mayor Caldwell announces additional $75 million in grants for Oahu small businesses

Mayor Kirk Caldwell has announced an additional $75 million in additional financial support for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caldwell said the City and County of Honolulu’s Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund will distribute the money in the form of reimbursement grants, which will not need to be repaid. The size of businesses that qualify for the grants has gone up, and those that have previously applied can return for another round of funding, he added.

“The SBRRF is our primary tool for helping small businesses stay afloat while we work as a community to beat back COVID-19,” Caldwell said. “To better meet the needs of those businesses that are suffering greatly during this pandemic, we are adapting this program with the input of community members.”

More than $50 million in aid has been distributed to over 5,500 small businesses on Oahu. Following an initial $25 million

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Klarna To Raise An Additional $500 Million In Capital, An IPO May Be In Its Future

Many of my childhood memories of growing up in mid-century, middle-class America revolved around the family store. The stories, beginning with the “garage-sale” like environs of Milwaukee’s Jewelry & Toy Center are regaled in the 300-plus pages of my book, Retail Schmetail. In fact, the ad slogans of the time, broadcast across schlocky poster-painted, sun-baked signs still make me queasy.  The now cliché “lowest prices in town”, “newest hot imports” and “try our easy lay-away plan” were the bromides of the era.

The latter, “easy lay-away plan”, was utilized by the street-smart Stein twins to appeal to their hard-working post-war customers. It enabled their shoppers to make weekly payments on a ring, watch, or transistor radio, before gaining possession of the sought-after item. This was long before the advent

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