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Master these accounting tools with this comprehensive course bundle

a person standing in front of a computer: Studying accounting software is certain to be a worthwhile educational investment for an in-demand labour market.

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Studying accounting software is certain to be a worthwhile educational investment for an in-demand labour market.

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While a bachelor’s degree is required to become a CPA, becoming a general accountant doesn’t require a degree. That’s useful for anyone who lacks a degree but wants a stable and successful career. You don’t have to look farther than the Toronto area to realize that financial accountants have seen a fair outlook for accounting jobs into 2021.

Considering the prospects for Canadian accountants, studying accounting software is certain to be a worthwhile educational investment for an in-demand labour market. The Accounting Software A-Z Certification Bundle teaches you how to perform accounting services on top-level software for a discounted price of $52.99.

This extensive seven-course bundle instructs users

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This training will teach you everything to know about financial accounting

Whether you want to kickstart a career in finance, grow in your existing role, or you are in the process of launching your own small business, a firm understanding of financial accounting is of utmost importance. An online training like the Ultimate Financial Accounting & CPA Certification Training Bundle, which aims to enlighten you with the fundamentals of accounting without you even having to get up from your couch, is the perfect place to start.

The training itself is broken down into 8 courses taught by Robert Steele, a Certified Public Accountant who has been in the industry for over a decade. Here’s a quick snippet of what you will learn from him in each course:

Adjusting Entries & Financial Statement: Learn how to create financial statements, balance sheets, adjusted trial balances, and perform fundamental Excel operations.

Debits & Credits – Accounting Transaction: Gain an understanding of core accounting concepts

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The Big 4 is hiring fewer MBA candidates. 2 business school career counselors share their advice for grads looking for accounting and consulting jobs.

Recruiting to the Big 4 will look different this year, with business schools now coaching MBA students through virtual networking and a remote job search.
  • The Big 4 usually extends job offers to summer interns and then recruits additional MBA candidates in the fall to start work after graduating in the spring.
  • This year PwC says they’re pausing fall recruitment efforts, although they remain committed to hiring summer interns.
  • KPMG, Deloitte, and EY said they would continue to recruit MBA candidates, but it is expected there will be fewer hires.
  • Business school career counselors say they’re preparing for fewer recruitment opportunities this fall, with the hope that hiring will pick back up in the spring.
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For some MBA candidates, the path to a big accounting firm like PwC or EY just got a little more difficult.

PWC said they’re pumping

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Verdant defies the conventional idea of an accounting firm | Company


Verdant employees revel in the fact that “we’re different.”

Verdant is not your typical accounting firm.

From the services it provides to the office atmosphere, the company bucks industry stereotypes in more ways than one, according to Brian Goracke, Verdant’s president.

“I really do feel that we’re different,” he said. “I guess everybody thinks of the typical, boring accounting firm … we are completely the opposite of that.”


In the decades since Verdant’s founding, the company has retained its “family feel,” which is the heart of its culture.

“We really are family,” Goracke said. “We take care of each other, whether it’s business or personal. Everyone has each other’s backs.”

That bond between team members creates a business-world domino effect where employees feel comfortable communicating with each other and with clients, which leads to strong customer service.

“I truly think clients are happy to see their accountant because

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