Northeast Ohio golf courses are having ’90s flashbacks during pandemic-aided boom

Two key demographics often cited in past reports that studied golf’s decline — a drop in women and younger players — also have been on the rebound.

The National Golf Foundation said the number of kids in the 6-17 age group increased 20% in the second quarter of 2020. That could lead to a half-million bump in junior golfers by year’s end, the foundation said.

Hanlin said his 12-year-old son, Palmer, a baseball and basketball player who “never played golf at all,” completed 10 18-hole rounds in August.

“He got hooked,” the host of “18 Holes,” “Pin Shot” and “Swing Clinic” said.

Hanlin, who lives about 60 yards from the sixth green at Little Mountain, said he frequently rides around the course in the evening to chat with guests.

The biggest increases he’s seeing are in the numbers of women and kids. This year, Little Mountain had a new women’s

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